What is the 116 000 hotline? 

116 000 European hotline provide free and immediate help for:
• Family members, guardians or relatives of missing child;
• Children who are missing, (kidnaped, ran away, thinking of running away and etc.);
• General society members who have information about missing children.

116 000 services:
• Consultations about how to act when children go missing;
• Implementation of effective and efficient international search through 116 000 network in EU, Albania and Serbia;
• Emotional support, psychological, social, legal consultations.

Case managers of the hotline are trained professionals who can advise children that are thinking of running away and their parents.

116 000 acts as a safety net when parents and children travel within Europe for holidays, for work or for other reasons. If the child went missing during travelling in a foreign country, case manager of the hotline can help to get into contact with appropriate authorities within the country. 

FREE, calling form any phone operator.
Works 24/7
Operates in all European Union, Albania and Serbia.



Reasons why children go missing




Trafficking in human beings 

Child sexual abuse 


How can I help?

Join our social network and share information about missing children. 
Tell your friends and family members about the hotline, share information with your children.
Support us
Donate for the search of missing children.


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