What is the 116 000 hotline?

In Europe, a missing child is reported every 2-3 minutes. Approximately one million missing minors are reported each year. In Lithuania, according to official data, in 2019, 3612 children disappeared.

It’s not just numbers. It is a parent’s pain, stress, feeling of guilt, and hope that the child will be found.

116 000 European hotline provides free and immediate help for:
•  Family members, guardians, or relatives of the missing child.
•  Children who are missing (kidnapped, ran away, thinking of running away and etc.).
  General society members who have information about missing children.

We are constantly sharing information about missing people on our Facebook page.
The 116000 hotline is FREE, calling from any phone operator.

The hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It operates in all European Union, Albania, and Serbia.

Calls received for missing children.

116000 services

•  Receiving calls for missing children.
  Receiving calls from children who are lost.
  Consultations for parents on how to act when children go missing.
  Assistance in the investigation of a missing child.
•  Implementation of effective and efficient international search through 116 000 network in EU, Albania, and Serbia.
•  Emotional support as well as psychological, social, and legal consultations for the relatives of a missing child.
•  Consultations for adults and children on the prevention from going missing.

Case managers of the hotline are trained professionals who can advise children that are thinking of running away and their parents.

Also, 116 000 acts as a safety net when parents and children travel within Europe. If the child went missing in a foreign country, the case manager of the hotline can help to get into contact with appropriate authorities within the country.

Reasons why children go missing

•  Violence
•  Child sexual abuse
•  Trafficking in human beings
•  Kidnaping 

persons were declared missing. 2208 of them – children. Lithuania, 2016
persons were declared missing. 2691 of them – children. Lithuania, 2017
persons were declared missing. 3046 of them – children. Lithuania, 2018
persons were declared missing. 3612 of them – children. Lithuania, 2019

How can I help?

Join our social network and SHARE information about missing children. 
INFORM your friends, children, and other family members about the 116000 hotline.
SUPPORT our activities by donating 1,2% of your income tax to the search for missing children. Code of the beneficiary – 191970496.


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